I influence the perception and reaction of people in a very positiv way: Both during use as well as the expected use of Software, a product, a service or interacting with a brand.

To realize the best possible result I use synergies from media and public opinion research, design methods and media computer science.

Shortened UX/UI Process

Task and activity profile



  • University
    • Media Research
    • Opinion Research
    • Media Computer Science
  • Education
    • Communication Designer

Fields of activities

  • Mobile and Web
    • User Experience Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Web Development
  • Classic Communication
    • Brand Identity
    • Corporate Design
    • Strategic Communications
    • Campaigns


  • Strategy
    • e.g. Competitor Analysis, Stakeholder Interviews
  • Research
    • e.g. Contextual Enquiry, Surveys
  • Analysis
    • e.g. Personas, Use Cases
  • Conception/ Design
    • e.g. Wireframe, Prototype
  • Design Tools
    • e.g. Adobe CC, HTML, CSS
  • Development Software
    • e.g. VisualStudio, UE, P4

Techniques for improving UX

Get in touch

+49 (0) 177 88 02 830 info@andreascloss.de